How do we manage our GitHub Organization at Lykon

GitHub is probably the most used code-sharing platform in the world today. Many companies are using it, and all of them have to manage users, repositories, branch rules, and much more. Standardizing all of this is quite challenging and involves creating things like CLI tools, scripts, and other ways to try to automate how people deal with GitHub. Here at Lykon, we decided to use Terraform to manage and standardize all of the repository and user management, and today I want to share with you how we are doing this!

CTO's reading list ed.3

Wow, what an interesting year wasn’t it? I realized that after reading the Octoverse 2020 report. You know… even with COVID-19, and a lot of other challenges everybody went through this year, we were able to make such an amazing progress in the tech community. Can you maybe guess what was the top language on GitHub this year? Yeah… same as last year: Javascript. But at least we see some change for other languages coming up, such as Typescript going up by 6 positions.

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I was finally able to build the fourkeys project I mentioned in my last article. I will soon share some metrics for Lykon on how this project is helping us become a more efficient tech department. Maybe I can also open source it in case someone would be interested in checking it out. This week I’ve also been looking into Rust more in depth. Trying to understand how it works, it’s ecosystem, and how it performs when compared to Go.

Do job titles matter?

Over the past years in my career, I always wondered if job titles matter. When I started in tech, titles for me represented level of knowledge, where the most senior person would be the most experiment and their word would be the final one. But, as everything in life, when you start growing in your field, you start realizing that titles sometimes are just something to fill somebody’s ego. That’s why I want to share my view on this subject.

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These last two weeks were an interesting one for me, full of new challenges and discoveries. I’m a person who likes data quite a lot. For me, a data-driven organization can be a much more successful one. Recently, I’ve learned about the Four Keys project, which will help us measure our maturity when it comes to throughput and incident resolution. These metrics are the key for a high performing team, and that’s where I want to take us.

5 ways to keep up with code as an Engineering Manager

I currently work as an Engineering Manager at N26. We are going through a hyper-growth phase that involves many different challenges. This is extremely exciting as I have the opportunity to help in shaping how the organization can grow but still maintain its principles and alignment. By definition, in this role, I step away from coding as my focus changed. This does not mean you need to completely stop to code.