👋 Hi, I’m Italo

What is my role?

I’m here to make sure our team have a porpose and direction. I’m also here to ensure our team is happy, successful but most importantly to support and give you context on what are we working on and why.

In a more granular way I’ll focus mainly (but not exclusively) on 3 things: people, process and culture.

  1. People: I’m here to make sure you have a way to progress in your professional life, I’ll give you all the support that you need to succeed.
  2. Process: I’m here to make sure our team is successful and pointed in the right direction
  3. Culture: I’m here to foster a healthy and great environment to work. This is extremely important in the journey of creating high performing teams.

My values and expectations


I like to frequently have a high quality communication, aways trying to optimize for quality over quantity, frequency over perfection, and effectiveness over politeness; this should be a minimal impact to your time.

If something is blocking you, I need to know about it very quickly so that we can strategize together if needed. I work best when you bring me ideas. Don’t worry about bringing solutions; those take time and I’d rather talk to you sooner. If you already have the right solution, you probably don’t need me.

I am in a lot of meetings and sometimes have critical tasks. However, you are almost always my top priority, so always reach out as soon as needed regardless of my state. DO NOT let my current workload be a barrier. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible, and set expectations about when I can more fully respond. Hold me accountable for this.

Anytime you need a quick 1:1 or other discussion, please ask. I will default to yes if at all possible, and will make it happen in short order if I am unavailable at the moment. Ignore my calendar, it fills up.


I will be as open as possible about what is going on at the company and within our team. Rarely there are things I am not able to share; I will tell you to the best of my ability that I am unable to share something if asked.

My calendar is public, and I share the status of what I am working on regularly and openly. If you ever want to know about something I am working on, please ask. I am happy to share! (sometimes I assume others are not interested in the details of what I’m working on, and avoid sending out email blasts on these. But please ask!)


There is no team if we don’t work together. Many times just because we sit close to each other it doesn’t mean we work as a team. One of my core values is to make sure we all work towards the same vision as a strong and reliable team.

Egoless environment

We all have a little bit of ego, that’s a normal human behaviour, the important thing is to manage that properly. I like to work on a environment where ego and pride are not in the way of the team’s objectives and not causing a bad environment for us.

Feedback culture

I’m a huge fan of feedback. Personally for me to do a good job I need constant feedback from my team and my manager With this I can try to always improve my style, personal quirks and help more the team.

If you have feedback for me, please give it. It could be something you liked and would like to see more of, something you thought I could do better, something you thought I totally screwed up, or something that doesn’t fit in any of these categories. Even if you think it might not be the case, I do want to hear it. And if you think I don’t want to hear it, I’d love feedback on why you feel that way. If you can give me this feedback in-person, I’d prefer that.

I expect that everybody are open to give and receive feedback in a healthy and structured way, always thinking about improving ourselves and building a better place to work.

One on one’s

I really love this one, this is the opportunity that we have to know each other, to build trust and to make sure I can help you on whatever problem you might be facing.

What is this meeting about?

How often and how long does it take

By default we will meet every two weeks for 45 minutes, but this is entirely up to you. This is just my recomendation, we can adjust it as you’d like. And a very important note, if you want to talk to me before that meeting, please do not hesitate, just ask me anytime and I’ll make time.