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Wow, what an interesting year wasn’t it? I realized that after reading the Octoverse 2020 report. You know… even with COVID-19, and a lot of other challenges everybody went through this year, we were able to make such an amazing progress in the tech community.

Can you maybe guess what was the top language on GitHub this year? Yeah… same as last year: Javascript. But at least we see some change for other languages coming up, such as Typescript going up by 6 positions.

Let’s dive into this week’s picks. ✍️

3 Articles

✍ Not exactly an article today, but more of a twitter thread. Did you know that Kubernetes is deprecating Docker? Haha, it seems really bad for everyone doesn’t it? But thanks to Kat Cosgrove I could better understand that is not so bad as it seems. It will break things up, so be prepared, but honestly it’s for the best.

✍️A Practical Introduction to Container Security

Working at Lykon makes me research a lot about security. After all, I’m dealing with medical data, and I have to better understand which security standards we need to adopt. We use Kubernetes pretty extensively here, and of course, that also means (for now) Docker images. This article summarizes a few security topics that we can implement in our SDP to enhance security in our containers. Also, check out the Docker Security Best practices.

✍️Macro trends in the tech industry

This is a great analysis from ThoughtWorks on the trending technologies in our field up to now. As I reckoned, Rust would be for sure in there. Pulumi was quite a surprise to me honestly. Curious? Check the article out!

1 Book

📚Software Engineering at Google,204,203,200_.jpg

This is a great book if you are into to understanding how software development works in depth. The author was able to make the reading relevant to small, medium and big companies. I really enjoyed how they talk about CI/CD, Testing & Quality, and code reviews.

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