Why I moved away from Medium?

Recently, I moved away from posting new things on Medium. Medium started as a great platform for independent bloggers to publish their amazing work to the world. I’m not a famous blogger or influencer, but I do like to share a few things that I’ve seen in my career and Medium was my platform of choice. I have a few reasons why I moved away and they are quite simple:

1. Experience

Medium has a simple yet powerful reading experience… or better, it had. In the very good old days of Medium it was a pleasure to read through a lot of articles over the platform. Relevant recommendations were given all the time and you could easily go from one good article to another. Things have changed and now all I see is paid articles, terrible recommendations, and a bad UX experience. I like to have control on how readers will find my articles, read through them and even the kind of great fonts like Montserrat, wich are pleasant to read, they will look at.

2. No tracking, no ads, no paywall

Recently, Medium introduced a monetizing model called paywall. This essentially enables a content writer to say if they want their articles to be monetized. The problem is that Medium only allows you to read 3 paid articles per month. A lot of writers are creating content thinking that they will earn quite some money if they enter the paywall. Unfortunately, this kind of aggressive monetizing strategy generates tons of complaints.

To mention an example, many of my recommendations are now paid:

Medium recommendations

Another example is the painful web mobile experience, full of pop-ups:

Medium pop-ups

3. Open source

My blog is open source. I’m a huge open source fanboy, I think OS is how you can build and learn great things together. I wanted the same experience for my content. I can now version my articles, open up to anyone to collaborate in any topic they want and it’s perfect for other people to help me translate my articles into any language. I know I don’t have a big viewer base, but it’s something I’m trying to build by having my own blog. It’s a long road but that’s part of the journey.

4. Hugo

Static site generator is not something new but Hugo really levels up the game. Hugo is a great static blogging platform that is highly customizable, easy to learn and fun to use. With Hugo I can easily change any theme, fonts, comment platform, tracking, anything. Continuous deployment of my changes is done via netlify and for free.

Medium was a great platform for me in the early days and helped me publish a few interesting articles. I’m am very grateful to medium for allowing this to exist for a while. Now a new journey is about to start

See you in the next article đź‘‹

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