About me

Hello 👋 I’m Italo Vietro, based in Berlin, Germany.

I’m currently working as VP of Platform Engineering @urbansportsclub. Previously, I was heading the technology department as CTO @Lykon. I also worked @N26 and @HelloFresh, mainly growing outstanding teams, fostering a good engineering culture, and doing things in Go. I enjoy working with distributed systems and solving complex problems.

I’ve spent 3,5 years working at @HelloFresh in Berlin. I worked from developing software at a large scale to growing a team of 13 people to a 300 people organization. We went through hyper-growth and had to learn on the go how to build an effective organization. We were pretty successful, and I had extremely good people next to me, from which I learned a lot.

Eventually, I moved on to @N26 to explore new horizons. That was a fantastic experience, and I met many brilliant people and went through hyper-growth once again, but now on a different scale – global. In very little time, we had to learn how to build teams across distributed sites and still ensure we could foster an engineering culture where people could feel safe and productive.

I then moved on to a new challenge. Now, in a very different setup. I wanted to build an organization from scratch. So, I took the role of CTO at @Lykon. Here I had the opportunity to guide a tech department on all fronts. With the experience I got from past challenges, I could share and help people to grow in their careers and build incredible products and technology in the coming years. It is a hard road, but it’s one that I enjoy a lot.

Finally, I took a new challenge in FitTech as VP of Platform Engineering @urbansportsclub. Here I need to help a scale-up organization become a mature, solid organization developing a strong product in a competitive market using top-notch technology and fostering a healthy engineering culture.

Throughout my career, I worked with inspiring people on many challenging projects, solving interesting problems. Here I share my learnings for building and shipping successful products/projects from an engineer and leadership perspective. You can also read about some of the books that I read and recommend and check out some of the public talks I have given.

Time line for context

  • 1991: born in Curitiba, Brazil.
  • 2005: Moved to João Pessoa, Brazil.
  • 2007: Got my first job fixing computers. On this year, I also got the opportunity to start learning VB6.
  • 2008: Began my software career as Junior Software Developer.
  • 2009: Started to build off the shelve software using VB6.
  • 2010: Started my bachelor in Analysis and Systems development @Estacio IDEZ.
  • 2012: Graduated in Analysis and Systems development.
  • 2013: Started an MBA in Software Engineering. Started working at Vox Technologia as a Software Developer.
  • 2014: Got promoted to Senior Software Developer.
  • 2015: Finished the MBA. Moved to Germany, working for HelloFresh as a Senior Software Engineer.
  • 2017: Promoted to Head of Engineering at HelloFresh.
  • 2018: Joined N26 as an Engineering Manager.
  • 2019: Joined Lykon as CTO.
  • 2022: Started as VP Platform Engineering at Urban Sports Club.